About Us

Based in Perth, Beeline Drone Photography is a leading professional drone company offering comprehensive expert drone services.

Beeline Drone Photography – Our Story

Beeline Drone Photography was founded in April 2022 by Daniel Jackson. Our goal is to offer affordable, gold-standard drone services that are accessible to everyone, and which make our client’s jobs and lives more efficient.

No job is too big or too small. We specialise in rooftop inspection services, enabling faster, more accurate roof reports for damaged roof insurance claims so that homeowners and tenants can get their roofs repaired sooner.

We also offer comprehensive drone inspection, aerial mapping, and drone photography services for construction, asset inspection, 3D modelling, golf course and event flyovers, real estate, weddings, and more.

We hold all relevant licenses, certifications, and insurance, including public liability insurance and a ReOC (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator Certificate) as legally required to operate drone services.

Professional, Tailored Drone Services

Tailored solutions, competitive rates, exceptional service.

CASA Validated, Licensed & Insured

ReOC/UOC #: CASA.ReOC.6572

High-Quality Camera & UAV Equipment

Leading technology for drone and camera equipment.

Our Specialties

We have worked with many clients across a vast range of industries. Our clients include (but are not limited to) Drones for Hire, Aerologix, Viva Energy, and Luna Management.

We can help you with:

Asset or industrial inspection

Inspect and monitor the safety of your assets and interests.

Aerial mapping

For a clear visual record of your worksite, land area, project, etc.


Aerial surveys for progress reports, marketing materials, and safety compliance.

Media & promotion

A spectacular perspective and magnificent images for advertising, broadcasting, promotion, and more.

Residential and commercial property inspections

Highlight property features for clarity and enhanced promotion.

Events and sports including golf course fly overs

Improve events and occasions with a viewpoint like never before.

Environmental and mining sites

Understand the landscape and mining site complexities better with a bird’s-eye-view.

Meet Our CEO.

Founder and CEO Daniel Jackson has worked in the construction industry for more than 16 years as a fully-trained professional medical gas engineer and mechanical plumber. This work was extremely physically demanding. Following injuries incurred as a pedestrian struck by a vehicle in March 2022, he sought an innovative and less physical career change and professional drone piloting was the calling he was looking for.

Originally from the UK, Daniel has proudly made Australia his permanent home and seeks to give back to his community. He is also committed to his goal of ultimately employing others who have experienced similar life-changing injuries to him.

In his free time, Daniel loves to travel and is a passionate wildlife photographer and SCUBA diver.