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Beeline Drone Photography is a CASA licensed drone specialist company based in Perth, Western Australia, we have the highest-qualified, experienced drone pilots in the industry.

We hold a Remotely piloted aircraft Operator Certificate, which permits our business to conduct a range of remotely piloted aircraft operations and apply for flight permits that are not available to other non ReOC operators.

We specialise in roof reports and offer an array of other professional drone photography services. No job is too big or too small, from mapping out 3D models of industrial power plants and mines to creating images for home extension planning and event promotion.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality service and results using a range of high-end aerial data systems and we operate to the highest safety standards.

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Beeline Drone Photography

Beeline Drone Photography offers a comprehensive range of drone services including:
Asset or industrial inspection

Monitor and ensure the safety of your assets with an appropriate drone inspection strategy to easily inspect for faults, damage, and wear-and-tear. Suitable for power utilities, solar arrays, bridges, and much more.

Aerial mapping

Acquire a complete visual record of your land area, work site, or other interest. Monitor changes to ensure safety, project compliance, and progress, and eliminate discrepancies in onsite visual inspections.


Safely manage and monitor your construction project with aerial surveys and progress reports, and create marketing materials to ensure safety, apprise stakeholders, and pique commercial interest.

Media & promotion

Create stunning visuals with a perspective like no other for branded, unique marketing campaigns, advertising, broadcasting, event promotion, website content, and much more.

Residential and commercial property inspections

Acquire high-resolution photographs and footage to assess and highlight the features of both residential and commercial property to garner a better understanding of a listing’s layout, space, outdoor areas, neighbouring landscape, and local infrastructure.

Events and sports including golf course fly overs

Dramatically enhance the viewer experience for sporting events and capture memories from above for weddings, festivals, and other special occasions with flyover videography and still photography.

Environmental and mining sites

Enable a bird’s-eye-view to understand complexities relating to the natural environment, the impact of natural events and human activity, as well as within the mining industry to collect special data for site surveys and more.


Leading Drone Imaging Technology

At Beeline Drone Photography, we use
the latest drone technology and mapping software for best results.

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Professional, Tailored Services

With competitive rates, we offer tailored solutions and deliver an unrivalled quality of service with the expertise, experience, and attention you deserve.

CASA Validated, Licensed, & Insured

We hold all relevant CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) licenses and certifications, and we are fully insured for your safety and peace of mind.

High-Quality Camera & UAV Equipment

Our UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone and camera equipment are of the highest, industry-leading quality to capture exceptional images and footage.

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