Gain a clearer perspective with outstanding solutions at Beeline Drone Photography for jobs both large and small.

Beeline Drone Photography

Beeline Drone Photography offers a wide range of services including:

Asset or industrial inspection

Monitor everything from building facades to solar farms. Automatically collect high-resolution images from above to generate accurate, complete reports significantly faster and more safely than traditional inspection methods. Detect asset anomalies and enhance the management of logistics, workflow, and compliance for your teams, and expedite insurance claims for rooftop damage.

Aerial mapping

Conduct aerial surveys to quickly collect highly accurate data with superior drone surveying and mapping technology. Capture otherwise inaccessible data to get a clearer, higher-resolution viewpoint at a lower altitude and cost than is available via manned aircraft or satellite imagery.


Avail the services of Beeline Drone Photography for an array of construction applications including site planning and mapping, progress tracking, quality assurance and compliance inspections, equipment tracking, marketing deliverables, and more.

Media & promotion

UAV technology takes media and promotion to the next level – from capturing footage for news reports to acquiring the highest quality videos and stills for digital and traditional marketing purposes.

Residential and commercial property inspections

Capture and advertise your property with a whole new perspective for a modern, enhanced marketing campaign. Show potential buyers not only the property and its footprint itself but also how it fits into the local neighbourhood and landscape.

Events and sports including golf course fly overs

Sell more memberships to your golf course with spectacular flyover footage. Capture sporting events from above and give your wedding video a whole new perspective for memories that last forever.

Environmental and mining sites

Use drone technology to safely monitor and assess environmental catastrophes and events, from floods to bushfires, storms to droughts. Within the mining sector, drone technology improves the overall efficiency of quarry and mine site management by delivering comprehensive, accurate data for real-time site condition reporting.